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The How to Make An Art Project

The project How to Make An Art concerned the importance of expanding and enhancing one's network as an artist. American artist Dakota Havard initiated the project at SEA Foundation to meet new people in the art field. Artists from all over the Netherlands were invited to be his guest for a day. From Groningen to… Continue reading The How to Make An Art Project

Nina van Dijk, KunstpodiumT Ontleed 3
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Kunstpodium T Ontleed

Kunstpodium T in Tilburg supports emerging artists. It encourages creative experiment, serves as a helpdesk, organises Peer Critiques in the ARTpart project, and hosts the Apprentice Master project. The exhibition ‘Kunstpodium T Ontleed’ (‘Kunstpodium T dissected’) is part of the latter. In Apprentice Master an experienced artist works together with artists who have recently graduated… Continue reading Kunstpodium T Ontleed