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Compost: (Un)becoming

Interactions is een talentontwikkelingstraject van POST. Voor deze editie vertrok de groep vanuit het idee van compost. Compost bevindt zich continu in een staat van transformatie en is een dynamisch levend proces. Het is een constant proces van worden en ‘ont-worden’. Deze wisselwerkingen kun je metaforisch terugvinden bij de Interactions-deelnemers.

Exhibition text

Expoplu Exchange: Hopscotch

De deelnemers van de tweede editie van het talentontwikkelingsprogramma Expoplu Exchange hebben een intrinsieke drijfveer om de ‘norm’ en het ‘normale’ te bevreemden. Ze willen de absurditeit van het alledaagse blootleggen en ontleden.

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Lise Sore: Tangible Traces of Emotion

Lise Sore’s drawings are a snapshot of an elongated emotional moment. Her self portraits expressively depict her own feelings. The transparency of the cheesecloth she draws on is an almost poetic nod to the transparency of herself in her work. By exposing her deepest emotions and opening herself up completely she creates a touching vulnerability.… Continue reading Lise Sore: Tangible Traces of Emotion


The Day of the Young Artist 2019

Last year, in her heartfelt Manifesto for the Young Artist during the Day of the Young Artist, Lara Staal pleaded: “Dear artists of the world, question each other and the systems we operate within, critically, form networks of solidarity to counter precarity, make work you believe in and unite.” Lara Staal was part of the… Continue reading The Day of the Young Artist 2019

Theoretical contemplation

Sculpt an Outside for the Inside

We all have a body, and we all have an idea of what a body would look like. We experience the world through our body. Through her stone sculptures the Danish artist Freja Niemann Lundrup aims to visualise the internal processes of the body, specifically those related to trauma and horror. In other words, she… Continue reading Sculpt an Outside for the Inside

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The How to Make An Art Project

The project How to Make An Art concerned the importance of expanding and enhancing one's network as an artist. American artist Dakota Havard initiated the project at SEA Foundation to meet new people in the art field. Artists from all over the Netherlands were invited to be his guest for a day. From Groningen to… Continue reading The How to Make An Art Project

Theoretical contemplation

Gam Bodenhausen’s Rhizomatic Landscapes

Gam Bodenhausen’s black and white drawings depict landscapes. Or, more specifically, structures in landscapes shaped by nature and humans. For her solo exhibition at NN Contemporary in Northampton, UK, she took the small local Church of the Holy Sepulcher as inspiration. The ironstone building had evident traces of erosion. A network of lines eroded due… Continue reading Gam Bodenhausen’s Rhizomatic Landscapes

STRP 2019, Shelter Hermit Crabs, Aki Inomata
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STRP 2019: ‘Here’s to the Future’

STRP is a yearly festival in Eindhoven with visual art, technology, performances, workshops, and a two-day conference. It aims to ‘explore scenarios for a positive future’. This year the programme revolves around an open yet critical view of the nearby future. The artworks are thought experiments, related to questions such as: What if we could… Continue reading STRP 2019: ‘Here’s to the Future’

Nina van Dijk, KunstpodiumT Ontleed 3
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Kunstpodium T Ontleed

Kunstpodium T in Tilburg supports emerging artists. It encourages creative experiment, serves as a helpdesk, organises Peer Critiques in the ARTpart project, and hosts the Apprentice Master project. The exhibition ‘Kunstpodium T Ontleed’ (‘Kunstpodium T dissected’) is part of the latter. In Apprentice Master an experienced artist works together with artists who have recently graduated… Continue reading Kunstpodium T Ontleed