The Day of the Young Artist 2019

Last year, in her heartfelt Manifesto for the Young Artist during the Day of the Young Artist, Lara Staal pleaded: “Dear artists of the world, question each other and the systems we operate within, critically, form networks of solidarity to counter precarity, make work you believe in and unite.” Lara Staal was part of the… Continue reading The Day of the Young Artist 2019

Theoretical contemplation

Sculpt an Outside for the Inside

Through her stone sculptures the Danish artist Freja Niemann Lundrup visualises internal processes of the body. She specifically focuses on the ‘Unheimlich’ in relation to horror and trauma in the body.

Exhibition text

How to Make An Art

For How to Make An Art Dakota Havard acted as a host, inviting artists into his home and studio. Eleven one-on-one encounters resulted in engaging meetings and creations. This project can be seen in light of Jacques Derrida’s notion of hospitality, and Nicolas Bourriaud’s concept of relational aesthetics.

Theoretical contemplation

Gam Bodenhausen’s Rhizomatic Landscapes

Gam Bodenhausen’s black and white drawings depict landscapes. Or, more specifically, structures in landscapes shaped by nature and humans. network of lines eroded due to both ages of natural forces and human scratching. The works she presents echo these. This text takes a closer look at the work of the Eindhoven-based artist, and illuminates it from the point of view of the rhizome.

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The Flow through Space

How can we interpret Sally Tape’s visual language? This text gives insight into her artistic practice, starting with her techniques and inspiration in light of space, movement and time. The second part puts this into context using the philosophies of Paul Virilio, Walter Benjamin, and Charles Baudelaire.

Theoretical contemplation

How Mental Health Shapes Van Gogh’s Story

Reflecting on the representation of Van Gogh’s mental health, this text aims to create awareness about the position of mental health in stories revolving around Vincent van Gogh.